Tyba Platform

Tyba is the only solution that provides end to end modeling of standalone and hybrid storage projects from early stage development through operations, giving your business the edge to build and operate the best projects faster and more profitably.

Technical Specs

Solar Model (select features)
  • Losses - Support user defined inputs for loss specifications include soiling, mismatch, diodes & connections, LID, AC & DC wiring, transformers & transmission, etc.
  • Modules & Inverters - CEC module and inverter database integrated, with support for the upload of PAN and OND files. CEC and Mermoud-Lejeune model options available (including for bifacial modules).
  • Weather - NREL’s PSM data integrated and 3rd-party data compatible via upload or API.

Storage Model (select features)
  • Coupling - Allow for standalone, AC-coupled (HV or MV), and DC-coupled.
  • Degradation & Replacement - Throughput and calendar-based degradation options with support for customizable replacement schedules.
  • Efficiency & Losses - Technical loss model incorporated into simulations with support for HVAC, charge & discharge efficiency losses, and station power losses. Efficiency degradation also considered.
  • Grid Charging - Option to model grid charging, no grid charging, and dynamic charging limits (to support ITC compliance and (potential) charge curtailment).
  • Market Coverage - Support settlement logic for all North American ISOs as well as generic market constructs.
  • Optimization - Linear optimization with support for price and constraint-based options, perfect and non-perfect foresight dispatch, hourly and sub-hourly optimization time steps, and realistic backcast analysis using operational forecasts.
  • Services Coverage - Broad coverage across energy, ancillary services, capacity, incentive program, and other custom commercial structures.

Price Predictions

  • Price predictions for every node, regardless of pricing history
  • Coverage for Energy and Ancillary Service prices
  • Forecast vintages for Day-Ahead auction and rolling re-forecasts for Real-Time operations

Dispatch and Bidding Model

  • Forecasts optimal operations to maximize expected revenue, given technical and market constraints.
  • Applicable for standalone storage or hybrid projects.
  • Bidding algorithms factor in price forecast uncertainty and risk tolerance.
  • DA/RT Trading strategies optional.

Markets Coverage

  • Support for all US ISOs


  • Forecasts delivered via API, web-application, or email
  • Engineering support for Scheduling Coordinator and Battery Management System (BMS) integrations

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