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Tyba’s seed round

Michael Baker
January 24, 2023

We are thrilled to share that we have raised $2.25M to expand our modeling platform for developing, financing, and operating solar and storage projects. This round was co-led by Powerhouse Ventures and Wireframe Ventures, with participation from Lorimer Ventures, MKT1 Capital, and Virta Ventures.

To learn more about their investment thesis, please refer to Powerhouse & Wireframe’s blog posts.

Tyba was founded to improve how energy companies and investors use models to make decisions. Those building and investing in the energy transition grapple with massive complexity and uncertainty in their daily work. In the solar and storage sector, development, investment, and operations professionals rely on a range of technical models to inform optimal project location, system design, energy value, and bidding. The advent of energy storage has made each of these considerations more complicated, but it has also created new opportunities for companies to differentiate and offer new types of services.

Today, energy firms rely on a patchwork of single-purpose solutions to evaluate these core business decisions with little visibility into and control of what drives each model. This often leads staff to spend an inordinate amount of time wrangling data and projections instead of focusing on the myriad of other challenges faced developing, investing in, and operating energy projects.

Tyba solves this problem by providing an accessible modeling platform that simplifies and unifies project modeling applications, adding value during both development and operations. Leading community and utility-scale solar and storage firms are currently using Tyba’s models to determine solar production and energy storage dispatch, leverage wholesale market price data (historical and forecasted) to inform optimal dispatch and project valuation, and generate risk-adjusted bids for physical power delivery. For each, we use the best models available, whether that is AI/ML for price forecasting, cutting-edge physical models for energy production, or tried and true linear optimizers.

We make it easy to apply each of these models to siting, power marketing, development engineering, project finance, and operations applications. We offer our models via a modern web application and via API for programming use cases, increasing optionality for our user base, and making it easier to connect models together, add data inputs, and incorporate our stack into your company workflows.

Tyba’s ultimate goal is to accelerate the decarbonization of the power sector. Given the capital-intensive and critical nature of power infrastructure, planning is central to this task. We view modeling as an essential tool for planning and are committed to bringing better access and legibility to the complex models that underpin our energy infrastructure. We are excited to have the support of world-class investors in this mission and to continue to serve the companies doing this work.


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