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Tyba was founded by a team of energy and technology industry veterans dedicated to building as much clean energy as possible by providing world-class software. The Tyba team has been involved in developing, financing, and operating over a gigawatt of renewable energy projects as well as building enterprise software solutions used by tens of thousands of companies globally.

Michael Baker

Co-founder and CEO

Michael is the CEO at Tyba, leading product and modeling at the company. Prior to founding Tyba, Michael led the Grid Analytics team at Cypress Creek Renewables, which was responsible for developing solar, storage and price modeling tools in addition to supporting storage-related development activities across the US. Before that, Michael worked at Stem and EnerNOC.

Tyler Nisonoff

Co-founder and CTO

Tyler is the Co-Founder and CTO at Tyba. Prior to founding Tyba, Tyler was an Engineering Manager and team lead at Asana, where he helped scale their Infrastructure to support tens of thousands of companies and millions of users globally.

Tom Thunell

Co-founder and COO

Tom is the Co-Founder and COO at Tyba where he brings over a decade of experience scaling technology companies in the energy and telecommunications space. Prior to founding Tyba, Tom worked in business development and product management roles including at Google’s X division and Stem. Tom started his career as a technology investment banker.

Allen Lawrence


Allen works on the Engineering Team at Tyba. Prior to joining Tyba, Allen was a software engineer in FinTech and a data scientist at Cypress Creek Renewables, where he built tools for modeling and operating solar+storage systems.

Aditya Limaye

Machine Learning

Adi works on the Engineering Team at Tyba. Prior to Tyba, Adi completed a PhD in Chemical Engineering from MIT and worked at D.E. Shaw Research.

Ryan Toussaint


Ryan works on the Engineering Team at Tyba. Prior to Tyba, Ryan was an Engineering Manager and Team Lead at various technology companies including Uber.

At Tyba, we believe modeling is critical for decision making throughout the lifecycle of a renewable energy project.

  • Developers need to understand where to build, how much their energy could be worth over decades of production, and the optimal power plant design to capture the best return on investment
  • Operators need to predict highly volatile prices across multiple markets, and manage risk appropriately.
  • Investors need to allocate capital across a wide range of risk products from development capital to long-term project debt.

We strive to provide the models best suited for answering these questions, deliver them in an accessible and transparent way, and enable our users to build their proprietary capabilities on top of our core infrastructure.

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