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Make informed decisions about how to dispatch, value, and operate your standalone and hybrid storage projects with Tyba's unified and accessible modeling platform.

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Best-in-class models for experts and newcomers alike

Make informed development and valuation decisions
  • Demonstrate revenue capture with realistic backtests and live shadowing of market outcomes
  • Communicate investment thesis and energy model assumptions with detailed analytics and visualizations
  • Manage siting, plant design, and commercial off-take decisions with detailed techno-economic optimization
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Nodal heat map

Take control of daily operational performance

  • Identify value with accurate and actionable price forecasts
  • Maximize value with comprehensive production, dispatch and bidding models
  • Report plant and market outcomes with detailed visualizations and dashboards
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Streamline modeling work with a unified set of building blocks.
  • Automate model and data inputs
  • Run 100x the scenarios in 10x less time with automated scenario analysis
  • Integrate with internal systems and workflows
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Solar and storage design template

Applications for the entire project lifecycle

Solar heat map

Advance a development portfolio

using a single solution that is visual, flexible and built for developers

Solar + storage revenue chart

Run a financing process

with comprehensive P&L, realistic backcasts and projections, and legible assumptions

Solar price forecasting chart

Manage daily operations

with end-to-end visibility into forecasted and realized physical and market outcomes

Simplify modeling in three steps

Using best-in-class models and a modern, accessible application

Automate Data inputs

Fine-tune commercial and technical assumptions

Visualize and interpret results

Hear from our power users

Tyba takes the guesswork out of complex PV + storage modeling. Unlike typical PV + ESS modeling platforms, Tyba allows you to iterate numerous times in an efficient way as variables in the analysis change or to test sensitivities to different factors. This is critical to our business and allows us to provide the most value to our customers.

Chris Woodington

Senior Project Development Analyst
White Pine Renewables

Tyba unblocks a complex issue for distribution and transmission project development: dispatch logic and revenue/risk tradeoffs for real-time operations. With a combination of detailed datasets, dispatch logic customization, and summary outputs, we can understand how a plant would perform under varied circumstances and communicate that with executive-level reports. We can also hone in on the optimal dispatch parameters (cycle limits, frequency of events, hedge requirements) using the backtested predictions, for a sound risk and revenue sensitization analysis.

Graham Greene

Director of Finance & Operations
PearlX Infrastructure

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