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Founding Software Engineer




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About Tyba

Tyba is a modeling platform for energy companies developing, financing, and operating renewable energy. Energy companies rely on technical models daily to make crucial infrastructure decisions. Our mission is to make cutting-edge models accessible to cross-functional teams such that companies can build and operate more renewable energy more profitably. We apply data science, AI/ML prediction, optimization, and physical modeling to a range of applications that support decision-making, from early-stage siting of power plants to the daily operations of energy storage and solar projects. Our customers access these models via an easy-to-use web application or programmatically through our API and rely on the accuracy of our models and the performance of our software.

The role

We’re looking for a founding engineer to help us shape the future of how renewable energy is built and operated. Our team is thoughtful about adding value for our customers, building compelling products, and working hard towards an ambitious mission. An ideal candidate loves technical challenges, has an eye for modernizing and simplifying complex workflows, and is excited to bring an opinionated view to a fast-growing market.

About you:

  • Enthusiastic about working on technical challenges for enterprise, data science-based products (2+ years of experience in software engineering).
  • Experience working with shared codebases and collaborative teams.
  • Have a penchant for functional programming.
  • Are a generalist full-stack engineer able to pick up new frameworks quickly.
  • Enjoy understanding technical domains deeply.

Our technical process:

  • We use Clojure(script), Python, Tailwind CSS, Datomic, PostgreSQL, and AWS. 
  • We believe in shipping code quickly and continuously.

Qualities we value

  • Grit: Startups require adaptability and perseverance. We value stamina to stay the course.
  • Long-term focus: We’re building a company for the next 10+ years, and we want our teams’ decision-making to share that perspective.
  • Sense of urgency: Without trading off focus on long-term objectives, we manifest results quickly and are driven by intrinsic motivation, not external incentives.
  • Integrity: Integrity manifests in the way we show up, make decisions, and communicate with each other.


Do you need experience in energy or climate tech?

No. We seek to recruit from a broad range of backgrounds and are eager to speak with candidates that share our values and mission first and foremost. Once here, you will receive training and education on the specifics of energy markets and renewable energy relevant to your job. We will note if a role has energy-specific requirements in the job description.

What is the interview process like?

Our interview process focuses on core competencies. We want to make sure that you are set up for success at a fast-growing and high-impact startup. We will first get to know each other through conversations about Tyba, your background, and what you are looking for in your next role. While the specifics vary, from there, we will focus on evaluating your skills and experience relevant to the role. Once we have determined whether or not you are a fit for the team, we will help you get to know the company better and speak with other team members to inform your decision. We prioritize transparency, clear communication, and ensuring that we do our best to find a mutual fit. 

Are you a remote work company?

Tyba started as a remote company, is committed to growing a distributed team, and recruits candidates across all US time zones. Our headquarters is in San Francisco, with remote teammates in California, Illinois, Massachusetts, and Washington. We seek to balance the benefits and the energy of collaboration with the deep work that remote work affords. As such, we support travel for remote team members to meet and collaborate with the broader team, have regular meetings to coordinate and pair on projects and focus on a culture of transparent decision-making and written communication around agreements.


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